Required training

Training is required to obtain an agent licence and conduct professional activity in each of the six activities of the private security industry in Quebec. The requirements differ for each of the activities.

Security Guarding

Required training : Private security guarding program

The training required to obtain an agent licence to carry on private security activities for security guarding is the following:

To have successfully completed a program of at least 70 hours of courses (for which a transcript of marks is issued by a school board) that includes the following required three (3) elements:

  • Understanding the security guarding field, its functions, its standards for conduct, and the legislation framing private security in Quebec (30 hours)

  • Becoming familiar with emergency procedures (24 hours)

  • Applying first aid techniques in the workplace recognized by the CNESST (16 hours) List of the places that offers the course

Establishments providing training

For more information on training, the academic establishments which offer training in your area, key contacts and course start dates, visit the following site (in French only):

Furthermore, in accordance with Article 112.1 of the Private Security Act, and following the recognition by the Minister of Public Security of certain training courses, other than those provided by the Regulation on training in security guarding,the Bureau will accept the following training courses, which, to be accepted, must be taken and successfully completed effective from the date on which the training courses have met the required conditions for their recognition.

  • Since October 1th, 2012 : the training course « Agent de sécurité privée », offered by  Académie Canadienne d’Entraînement Tactique;

  • Since March 12th, 2015 : the training course « Agent de sécurité des commissionnaires », offered by Corps canadien des Commissionnaires (division of Quebec);

  • Since January 15th, 2015 : the training course « Formation professionnelle en gardiennage et surveillance », offered by Montréal Élite Sécurité;

  • Since February  27th, 2014 : the training course « Sûreté privée », offered by Services Professionnels de Formation en Sécurité et Enquêtes (SPFSE Inc.);

  • Since May 30th, 2016 : the training course « Agent de sécurité certifié », offered by Groupe de sécurité Garda SENC;

  • Since April 13th, 2016 : the training course « Formation de gardien de sécurité », offered by Agence de sécurité Mirado Inc.

  • Since September 30th, 2016: the training course "Gardiennage en sécurité privée", offered by Stéphane Boucher

  • Since February 3rd, 2017: the training course « Formation d'agent de sécurité » offered by Sécuritas Canada Limitée

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